Linda Blaney, Local Stories, Point Judith, Down the Point, Cindy Follett Guidemond

Blaney’s South County roots documented in new collection of local stories

“If you stand at the Point Judith Lighthouse and look west, you see an arc of barrier beach all the way down to Watch Hill Point. You’ll also see farm land abutting this stretch of our southern coastline. Both are places of harvest, since long before the Industrial Revolution. These cultures — fishermen and farmers — were folks of rugged individualism and strong work ethics.

In the “Wives’ Tales” section, readers get a glimpse of the domestic life of fishermen. Doris Blaney [mother of Linda Blaney] says from their house on Great Island, she could see her husband, Russ, entering the breachway, and she would begin to prepare supper for her family. About 13 wives created “The Club,” a group of women, including Nicky Hoxsie, Hope Stanley, Fernanda Conley, Rosemary Jones and Norma Conley, who played bridge. Conley was not only mother and wife to fishermen, she also lived in lighthouses — her first one being the North Light on Block Island. These women kept things together at home while their husbands were out at sea.”

Read Full Story:

Fisherman’s daughter tells the tales from “Down the Point” (Independent, 7/31/2015)

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